TACTICS: Syria and Obamacare

Today, Saturday Aug 31 President Obama decided that he would follow the Constitution and seek approval from Congress before engaging in miltary action against Syria. Lots of folks are going to be writing about this from all sorts of perspectives. I'm here to talk about the political tactics happening here, and how we can make sure that Conservatives don't lose the game that Progressives decided to play.

Obama did not call Congress back into session. This isn't an emergency that he wants an immediate answer for.  Hmmm. That's interesting. He's content to have the topic be discussed at length, for a week or more. Why would that be? Why is he acting all humble and Constitution minded now?

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The New Obama Doctrine On Foreign Wars


Liberals made much  hay about the Bush doctrine in the previous administration, but not much has been made of the Obama doctrines during the current one.

One reason is simple:  Obama has no grand vision on foreign policy.  He flies from one conflict to another, neither caring nor obsessing over whether his actions will have later consequences

But from his response from Syria, we can learn a couple valuable things about how Obama thinks, not to mention how the left in a larger perspective feels about foreign policy.

1.  There is no national interest necessary.

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It is really tough to keep track of all of the lies and extra-legal things that this administration has done. Dan from Squirrel Hill has been tracking it. He's researched, he's linked. This is too good of a resource to not share, and share widely. As he says in his intro - share this with Obama supporters. I'll suggest - pick a few things that are important to you, that you'll remember, and be able to speak about with passion and conviction. Memorize it. And then talk about it everywhere. The Emperor has no clothes, we have to spread the word. Go forth and reveal the truth!

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Conservatism Explained, Again

While digging through our archives I found something I decided needed a little dusting off; a little revision and re-iteration, if you will.

One of my first posts at Liberty's Torch, back then called "The Spitcracker Picayune", was a defining of Conservatism as a mindset, a way of life, and a lifestyle. There are very clearly established principles we live by that shape our perception of the world around us. What I wrote on the 22nd of November, 2012 may not be everyone's definition of Conservatism, but it is mine, and it is shared by those of us at Liberty's Torch, and many in The Conservative Union.

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I Too Have A Dream...


On the 50th Anniversary of MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech.

Two score and ten years ago, one of the great African-American leaders of all time came to the Lincoln Memorial, to give his view of the direction of race relations in America, and the ever continuing fight for civil rights and equality.

At the time, civil rights was an enigma.

Jim Crow still persisted.  Segregation and discrimination were the norm.  The upward mobility of the middle class Black man was limited by an opaque glass ceiling. Access to educational and financial institutions was limited. And the ability for minorities to affect the political system was virtually non-existent.

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Minimum Wage Hurts More Than It Helps

$11-hr Minimum Wage Meme

In the US, minimum wage is $7.25 per hour and a Big Mac costs $4.56. In Australia, minimum wage is $15.96 per hour and a Big Mac costs $4.62. Tell me again how raising the minimum wage will raise prices? "In support of the $11 minimum wage"

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CU Talks - Local Activism - ep.018

A week of late summer politics in the "real world". This past week I attended a few political events - a Tea Party Candidate Fundraiser, a Congressional Townhall, and a Freedomworks Activist Training Session. We discussed these things - and how it gave me hope. Next week will be more detail on the Freedomworks deal.

With Leslie P substituting for Shawn Holster & Nikolaos Dimopoulos performing his Producer Co-Host duties as always.



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The Change From Political to Philosophical

constitution_quill_penAs we approach 2014, and the gear up for the never-ending battle of campaigns, I wanted to reflect on how the change from the simple political parties to the philosophical, the ideologies, the line in the sand.

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Guns around my kids? Yes please.

gunsafetyFor me, the question is not “Do I want police officers or other armed personnel protecting my children at school every day?” The question is, “How many armed people can I reasonably ask for without seeming like a nutjob?”

Recently, an armed man walked into a Georgia school, apparently with the intent to harm as many people as possible. A terrified but quick-witted school secretary used the only weapon she had against him: her ability to talk, to soothe, to reason. And thank God, it worked. She was able to convince the man that he didn't want to hurt anybody, and no one was injured. The man is in custody.

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Regarding citizenship and media stupidity


For some unknown reason, we have to talk about the citizenship rules that allow a person to be qualified to be the President of the United States again.

The stupidity of this discussion boggles the mind.  It was stupid when it was brought up when Barack Obama first ran in 2008, it was even dumber when issues about John McCain's Panamanian birth arose, and now is compounded with a new level of stupidity based on the recent disclosure of Sen. Ted Cruz's birth certificate.

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